» Pa Sak Jolasid Dam-the will from His Majesty the King


Pa Sak Jolasid Dam-the will from His Majesty the King

                The train is running down the track and a horn sound can be heard from a long distance. All I know is that its approaching Pa Sak Jolasid Dam station. To get away from Bangkok chaos especially, during the weekend, when cold winds hits in the winter,  its’ a sign of boys and girls with smiling faces taking their cameras or going with their family to experience Pa Sak Jolasid Dam atmosphere. In fact, there is another option for you to come here, instead of taking a train ride, why not come by your own car.

                Pa Sak Jolasid Dam is Thailand’s longest  earth dam, which stores water. Constructed in 1994, it and took 5 consecutive years to complete. Today, Pa Sak Jolasid Dam is under the Department of Irrigation controls and management. His Majesty the King initiated this project purposely to prevent floods in Lopburi and Sara buri provinces, besides keeping water for agriculture purposes.  Since, its establishment, Pa Sak Jolasid Dam has captured popularity among Lopburi tourists and automatically  received overwhelming popularity all year round.



                Did I mention to you before that coming to Pa Sak Jolasid Dam the highlight is to participate in activities such as taking a walk and sightseeing the spectacular scenic view along the reservoir , fish-feeding, or going shopping at shops nearby and buying souvenirs to take back home. Otherwise, you can go up to Chalerm Phra Kiat Tower, of 8-meters high, to witness the dam from a higher perspective, or go and visit the aquarium, where they display fresh water animal species. I am sure the kids will love this. Another highlight not to be missed, is to go and sit on trailer, which will drag you along the dam and road covering 10 kilometers (round trip), which stretches along the water surface going as far as your eyes can see.

                To make it more special, in that case, you will have to come between November-January, simply because this is when the sunflowers are all blooming. Inside Pa Sak Jolasid Dam, sunflowers are also planted in a small field, so that people can come and take pictures (there is also a large sunflower field, as well as other places of interest. Please turn to the page which advises about sunflower fields). According to my acknowledge, the State Railway of Thailand is organizing a special train trip from Hua Lumphong Station to Pa Sak Jolasid Dam every weekend, as well as on public holidays. A railway passage to Pa Saks Dam is as gorgeous as an angel, because it is built on top of the water surface and zigzags along the reservoir. Amazingly, it’s regarded as an unseen destination in Thailand. On the other hand, you can also experience the floating train on a daily basis, as there is a train trip starting from the outskirts of the city of Kang Koi –Sara buri 3-trips a day. So! check it out!



                If you are looking for something that will take you close to nature, here is some advice. Pa Sak Jolasid Dam offers splendid accommodation resort style, situated along the reservoir under  thepeace and harmony of nature. A specific space for camping in this area is also provided, including clean toilets and shower rooms, and a security guard to ensure your safety all night long.

                The development of Pa Sak Jolasid Dam continues to grow in terms of the tourism sector. Recently they launched Chom View House (a resort style accommodation), Pa Sak Farm, and restaurant in a typical country style, but in a European atmosphere, offering Thai and international cuisines. Plus sheep and goat farms for family members and kids to go in and feed the animals, open from 7.00 a.m.-8.00 p.m.  And if you want  to dine out with really…. really good tasting food, Jolasid Restaurant is your perfect choice. Open for service from 10.00 a.m.- 8.00 p.m.

                For further information or accommodation reservations or camping please, call 0-3649-4243. For information concerning railway trip arrangements  call the State Railway of Thailand, Call  Center  1690.


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