» 3 days and 2 nights to fulfill your feeling in Lopburi


3 days and 2 nights to fulfill your feeling in Lopburi

                Coming to Lopburi is essential to make it worthwhile and enjoy the most out of it. With this respect, Big Map magazine would like to introduce 3 days, and 2 night trip for those who still wanted to mix and match this trip on their travelling schedules.

 Day 1

                Is to begin with exploring symbols of Lopburi province and that is to go to pay respects to Somdej Phra Narai Maharaj Monument before proceeding to Phra Prang Sam Yot,  Phra Kan Shrine, and enjoy photo shooting with naughty monkeys. The next thing you should do is to study history of  La Woe ancient city which was once believed to prosper in the Kingdom at Wang Phra Narai or Phra Narai Palace. Today, this place has been transformed in to a National Museum providing historical sites inside Lopburi province for people to witness including Wat Phar Sri Rattana Mahathat, Ban Vicha Yen, and Phar Ti Nang Krai Sriharaj (Royal Sakai Create Sriharaj).

                In fact, there are plenty locations available for those who wish to witness temple architectures and gorgeous Buddha images in Lopburi province. Including pay respects to sacred Buddha images from 9 well know temples and ask for the things you need to achieve in life especially, at Wat Mannee Chola Khan, Wat Cherng Ta, ang Wat Sao Tong Thong.

                Don’t flirt around too much because you need to drive along highway no. 3017 (passage to Amphur Pattanani Kom) to visit Wat Weyru Wan or Wat Khao Jean Lae. The best part is to walk up to scenic view spots and witness astonishing surrounding nature beauty and pay respects to Phra Yai (Buddha statue). If you come around from the beginning of November until between January- February you will see sunflower fields blooming all over the place.  The highlight is to go down and take photos because this kind of phenomenon doesn’t last that much long. Also, don’t forget to look at your watch because at 5 o’clock you got a date and that is to drive up to Wat Suwan Keree Peedok or Wat Khao Takra Thong, which is about a few kilometers away from Khao Jean Lae. On you way, you will pass Sabb Lek reservoir , I advise you to go there to witness and experience unforgettable sun set as well as watch 100,000 bats flying out from their cave.

                During evening fall, the best place to chill out at Sabb Lek reservoir is to go and eat on land or boathouse restaurants. Because you would be able to observe country feeling atmosphere while you are enjoying your food. Or take a short walk to the local market, which is situated along the railway near Phra Kan Shrine for easy food snacks. Hotel and resorts accommodation service in Lopburi province both in and outskirts of the city are enough to accommodate visitors.



Day 2     

                There are 2 trip options for day 2. Here is your choice, either go to and compete mountain top between Khao Wong Jan or Khao Phra Ya Dern Dong.

                The first mountain is regarded as the highest mountain top in Lopburi situated in Amphur Kok Samrong. Entry to lead to this passage is easy to find because it situated along Phaholyothin road. On the mountain top is where Wat Khao Wong Phra Jan is located and to overcome 3,790 steps to reach the top is to walk up only. This would cost you from 1-2 hours to do so. You may be tired but I can guarantee you that it’s definitely worthwhile if you make it to the top. This is because at the mountain top of following mountain offers a gorgeous looking paranoma view of Lopburi province. More importantly, it is also a place where sacred objects is established e.g. the Buddha’s footprint, Thai & Chinese Buddha images, Guan Yin, statue of famous Thai monks, and Chao Kate Manee Sriprajan.

                On your way down especially, on low land temple area there is a museum displaying antique collections so, give yourself a time to go in and have a look as you will realize that these collections come with long standing history. Above all please don’t forget to remember to go to the pavilion situated nearby and pay respects to Buddha relics and the body of Luang Poo Fuk, former Abbot of this temple who died long ago.

                On the contrary, Khao Phra Ya Dern Dong in Amphur Pattanani Kom, entry passage to Pa Sak Jolasid Dam on mountain top is set as a residence for monks of Wat Nong Na. Nevertheless, a passage to this temple is a gravel road therefore, 4 wheels truck or country pick up vehicles are best for such task.  City car is not advised otherwise, you shall need to contact local people to take you up (telephone number can be found from this Big Map issue). Over the mountain top of Khao Phra Ya Dern Dong is an unseen view of Lopburi. From this stand point is a gorgeous picture of Pa Sak Jolasid Dam that goes for as far as you can imagine.

                No matter of which mountain top you wanted to overcome, when you finished from that you should move youself to Pa Sak Jolasid Dam. On your way you will find 2 tourist destinations belonging to private sector . The first location is Mid-way Crocodile Farm or Talad Nam Ban Nok. Because at the end of the year sunflowers are blooming all over the places and it opens for public to go in and take photo. I mean you can stop by accordingly to your convenience but if you go straight to Pa Sak Jolasid Dam you will have more time left to wonder around. Activities at Pa Sak Jolasid Dam includes sitting on a trailer to witness true natural beauty  that situated along the dam shore which is a boundary that connect Lopburi & Sara buri provinces, pay respects Luang Poo Yai Pa Sak, climb up the tower to witness scenic view, and visit fish aquarium where variety species of fish is being displayed.

                Inside Pa Sak Jolasid Dam campus is a restaurant under cozy atmosphere. Suitable for a friend and family members  dinner receptions.  Those who wish to stay overnight here shall be required to contact in advance.  Meanwhile, camping  area is also provided in appropriate manner including resort to accommodate in what you need.    


Day 3

                Is to travel to the Eastern shore of Pa Sak Jolasid Dam in Amphur Pattanani Kom because this is where archaeological sites are located especially, at Ban Pong Ma Nao. Human bone structures before historical period discovered here.  Local tour guide will explain in what you need to know to you O.K.  

               From that proceed to Amphur Ta Luang, heading to Magnolia Sirindhorniace forest which is believed to be the one and the only area in Lopburi province where Magnolia Sirindhorniace Noots & Chalermglin were discovered.  A convenience passage to go and explore and study nature is also provided. Nearby is Sabb Jum Pa Historical Museum.

                Before noon you should come back at Ta Luang crossroad and drive a little bit further up you will reach Wang Kaow Rueng waterfall or Wang Kaow Rueng arboretum which is currently regarded to be as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in existence in Lopburi province for swimming and relaxation.  This limestone waterfall headwaters originally emerged from underground springs so, water is as clear as crystal all year round. Following area is also a boundary that connects  Amphur Ta Luang and Chaiba Darn together. 


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