» Ta Luang-Chaiba Darn-Lum Sonti, and Pattanani Kon on the East side, explore the forest under the tru


Ta Luang-Chaiba Darn-Lum Sonti, and Pattanani Kon on the East side, explore the forest under the true beauty of nature and visit historical sites     

                Over the East side of Pa Sak Jolasid Dam or Pa Sak river is a district boundary which is attached to the Northeast of Nakorn Rajchasrima province, and Chaiyaphoom province. This is where the main 3-Amphurs are located e.g.  Amphur Chaiba Darn, Amphur Ta Luang, and Amphur Lum Sonti, and a partial bit of Amphur Pattanani Kom. In the past these places were a complete forest with plenty of natural resources. After being avoided for a long time, a community was established in the area itself which was then transformed into an agriculture property. Nevertheless, when we talk about forest or National Forest Conservation, this is the place where the distinctive highlights of Lopburi province comes from.

                Amphur Lum Sonti is where a Wildlife Sanctuary is based. This is the only forest in the central region that has a Wildlife Sanctuary in Sabb Lang Ka forest. At the same time, there is also a non animals forest hunting zone of Khao Sompote, together with non animals forest hunting zone at Pa Sak Jolasid Dam, and arboretums of Wang Khan Reung at Amphur Chaiba Darn. All of which are currently under the Ministry of Natural Resources control and management. Meanwhile, at Amphur Ta Luang there is Magnolia Sirindhorniae (a forest of white chamapaka) the one and only place in this world that has this kind of plant existing, following evidence proof that on the East side of this forest it is still fertile with natural resources.

                In addition, this area also come out with a distinctive, historical ancient city, which was found long before hand. It’s a place where stone-age people  lived. Bones and antique objects of more than 2,000-3,000 years have been found in various places, one of which is very valuable in terms of its archeology aspect.

                When it comes to local administration and management, Amphur Ta Luang originally is a part of Chaiba Darn. Due to the large area in Chaiba Darn therefore, it is not possible to fully establish proper management system to cover all administrative necessaries. So, from 6 Tambols were then transformed into Amphur Ta Luang. Presently, there are 6 Tambols as it was before, and 45 villages. The same case applied to Amphur Lum Sonti which separated from Chaiba Darn comprising 6 Tambols, and 49 villages. However, Chaiba Darn currently possess as  17 Tambols, and 136 villages and is still believed to be the biggest Amphur of all in Lopburi province (that includes bigger than other 7 provinces in Thailand). Over the past 10 years,  there was a group of people who tried to establish a new province called “Phra Narai” province as well as appointed Amphur Chaiba Darn as Amphur Muang joining by Amphur Lum Sonti, Amphur Ta Luang, Amphur Sa-Bote, and Amphur Kok Charoen, but it still hasn’t  come to a conclusion.

                Due to large size area of these 3 Amphurs including Amphur Pattanani Kom over the East side of Pa Sak Jolasid Dam,  coming to visit such places is a must for you to carefully plan your travelling schedules and spare your time. Because in activities you engaged in believe it or not, it will cost you sometime to finish, especially, activities to do with forest exploring.

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