» Khao Phra Ya Dern Dong. The best scenic spot in Lopburi province


Khao Phra Ya Dern Dong

The best scenic spot in Lopburi province

                Whoever, comes to Khao Phra Ya Dern Dong will agree that this is the best exciting place for scenic view spots in Lopburi province.

                Khao Phra Ya Dern Dong perhaps not a very familiar name, but for Lopuri people especially, in Amphur Pattanani Kom,  this name is very common. Mountain bicycle races for the King’s Cup Competition Annually are organized here. So! if you really are the real steel legs cyclist, this is your test.  Over the mountain top is Wat Nong Na and a residence for monks. Each year an event is held for people who wish to ordain as a nun including participating in the Ethics Training Camp, and joining in to pray over the years ceremony. Sadly, Khao Phra Ya Dern Dong never has had public relations or implemented a tourist attraction to encourage visitors to pay a visit.

                This mountain top is situated not too far away from Pa Sak Jolasid Dam, but the  passage to get to the mountain top approximately about 4 kilometers on a gravel road and pebble path way is much too inconvenient for  people to give up and call off. Whatever, the answer is, I don’t know, but the best way to get to the mountain top is to go by 4-wheel truck, or motorbike, normal gear and in tough conditions only, or go by a mountain bike, or by foot.  Modified vehicles are not advised for this task.  I guess you know why?

                No matter how hard it may be to go up to the mountain top, if you manage to make it, it’s worthwhile. Because along the cave passage, stretching out offering splendid scenic views for as far as your eyes can go, of Amphur Pattanani Kom. From this standing point you will clearly see Pa Sak Jolasid Dam and that is the highlight of all. Because no any other mountains in Lopburi can offer so much of this unforgettable beautiful scenic view, like this. So, it’s precisely bad really to say a pebble path way, but a real heaven at the end.

                Khao Phra Ya Dern Dong doesn’t have fixed open hours, or possess an organization unit to come in and take care of it. Whoever, wishes to go up and come down, they can always do so, or drive up any time, nobody is going to stop you. For those without vehicles then you will have to use your skills in negotiating with local people to take you up, otherwise, if you go on your own it will take at least 2-hours to complete your task.

                A residence for monks doesn’t always have monks staying  but if there is a monk, you can ask for space for camping. But please behave yourself, because it’s an area of practical Dharma as well as a place where different Buddha images are installed. Therefore, it not proper to go up and drink, play guitar, or make loud noises. For those who manage to camp and stay overnight,  the next early morning especially, during the sun rise, they will find themselves as if they are standing somewhere  in the middle of heaven.   This is because the atmosphere will take you farther  than your imagination can go.

                To enter Khao Phra Ya Dern Dong you can go in from Soi Pattanani Kom 15 or Soi Sormapa Resort, go straight for another 8 kilometers and turn right, you will notice a sign indicating residence for monk of nowhere land (but don’t go in there) because the passage is a gravel road.  The best solution is to ask local people again to ensure your certainty. For those who need local people for a tour guide, please, feel free to contact Khun Luang Nusorn Sri Moueng at Tel: 08-9080-8254.

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